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How to Build a Niche Matchmaking Website?

What is a matchmaking website?
A matchmaking website brings the next level in classifieds, making the search possible in 2 ways. A standard classifieds website presents item profiles and visitors browse and search the website for the items they want. A matchmaking website allows keeping records both for the items and searchers, sometimes these 2 beeing very similar as in dating websites. This is much more effective as the search can be done from both ways. The software that powers a matchmaking website can also automatically find the searched items based on predefined criteria. Advanced matchmaking software allows multiple types of item profile types to match.

This type of software can be used, in addition to standard dating websites, for building various niche matchmaking websites matching (Free ideas!):

  • photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and models
  • couples and singles
  • tatoo artists and customers
  • casinos and gamblers
  • pets
  • pets for sale and pet lovers
  • projects and freelancers
  • domains (on sale and wanted)
  • websites (on sale and wanted)
  • secondhand electronics (on sale and wanted)
  • jobs and employees
  • deals and investors
  • used cars (on sale and wanted)
  • tuning shops and car owners
  • travel resorts and tourists
  • realestates (on sale and wanted)
  • collectibles and colectors

What do you need to build this type of website fast and with an affordable investment?
You basicly need a very customizable commercial package that provides the main features and a freelance designer edit the settings and design for your niche website.

All Datetopia Match Agency based package include 100% customizable profile types and attributes (so you can create wing, customer profiles), custom member rights, custom membership types, customizable templates. For most features and plugins, the most powerful package we recommend is Software for Dating which includes blogs, search engine optimization tools, a fms web based videochat plugin and many more additional plugins.

Where to find freelancers?
Submit a Freelance Project on Scriptlance

This is the best way to build a niche website with affordable investment: use a commercial highly customizable package for the main features and affordable freelance work for the minor customizations you need, as development from stratch takes a long time (months or even years) and huge amounts of money. Datetopia develops dating software since 2002, and the currently available packages are the result of years of work, feedback and optimizations.

Teodor Nica (ntm3k)
Managing Director

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