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Just want the best package? Skip this comparison table and see the power of Match Agency BiZ * in action.
*Now license available for $59/month or a flat 1 time $499 fee. Go to Portfolio to browse sample live sites.

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Software for DatingSoftwareDating



Module based (enable/disable)
Supports multiple profiles for each account and can have agencies as members.
+ Multiple signup types: Personal, Couple, Manager/Agency.
+ Couples (2 linked profiles)
+ Groups (multiple linked profiles)
Profile info can be submited with registration form.
Automated registration verification and confirmation by email.
Webmaster mass email.
Automated email templates (for registration confirmation, password recovery, notifications ...)
+ Multilanguage email templates
+ HTML email templates
Webmaster Statistics (view daily statistics for registrations, logins, messages, uploads...)
Multi language interface. Language import/export tools. (Only for website interface.)
+ Profiles can be stored in multiple languages. Automated translation for selectable attributes.
+ Webmaster email in multiple languages. Automated mail templates for each language.
+ Membership packages and other custom content in multiple languages.
Quickinfo popups, tooltips, hints.
Multiple templates, can be selected by users realtime.
Free templates (design layouts) with basic package 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 7 5 1
Internal Help System
Internal messaging with blind email notification on messages.
+ Emoticons
+ Message templates  
+ Track sent messages
+ Archive to store older messages
+ Rights to limit sending to same profile type
+ Rights to allow message to friends only
+ Rights to limit messages per hour, day, month
+ Rights to disable free writing
+ Custom default message templates  
Instant popup notification when new message is received.
Integrated message board (PHPBB). All profiles get automatically accounts on the board.
Simple flash chat with public and secret rooms.
+ Customizable public chat rooms.
Advanced java applet chat with private sessions, host channels, emoticons.
+ Java chat application with webcam support.
Instant messenger application with webcam support.
Flash web based videochat system using FCS streaming.
Favorite Profiles Agenda
+ Custom Categories ( webmaster defined )
+ Block messages from profiles
Content and Content Management
Dynamic content management system with WYSIWYG editor.
Profile Approval
Predefined profile attributes, questions (apx). 25+ 25+ 25+ 70+ 70+ 70+ 70+ 70+ 70+ 70+
Predefined attribute categories. 2 2 2 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10++ 10+
Custom profile attributes, questions. 3 3 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
+ US zip mileage fields.
+ Multiple selection fields.
+ Calendar date selection fields.
+ Zone fields. (4000 selectable from wold zones)
+ Emoticons in text fields.
+ Custom compulsory profile attributes
+ Custom profile attributes to fill on registration
Custom categories and subcategories for profile attributes. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
+ Special categories for certain profile types (i.e. for a gender)
Picture Upload Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
+ Picture Approval
+ Resize big images and stamp all pictures with site name on upload.
+ Thumbnail generation for uploaded pictures (serverside for low bandwidth).
+ Text stamp with site name on thumbnails.
+ Image stamp (sile logo) on thumbnails (transparent gif).
+ Crop tool to edit pictures after upload (flash interface).
+ Top rated pictures list.
Dynamic profile layout (show/hide panels)
Multimedia resource uploads
+ Resource Approval
+ Video file uploads
+ Audio file uploads
+ HTML content
+ Website urls
+ Pictures
+ Folders (categories) on unlimited levels.
+ Events. Users can join events (can be used for speed dating meetings).
Zone filters, for users to get listings from their location, only.
Search Features
Zip Search
Search profiles with pictures
Search profiles online
Search filters
Search feeds from other websites using Match Agency BiZ
Couple search
Custom search questions for search
Custom details in search results
Custom search result ordering
Custom formula for default ordering points
Rating and Comments
Profile picture rating.
Profile views statistics (total and daily average).
Profile rating polls
Resource rating and comments
Membership Types 4 4 4 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Trial membership for custom time
Promotion code membership offers Only on signup
Unlimited custom membership upgrade packages and editor.
+ Custom packages for members with certain types of profiles (i.e. genders)
Stars on profiles (custom number - can be used to show membership types)
Referral tracking : Levels for referral tracking 1 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
+ Signup bonus (custom) for referring new members
+ Comissions (custom) for sales generated by referrals
Daily bonus for posting profile data.
Payment gateways 1 5 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mass targeted messages from webmaster area.
+ HTML Messages.
Matches newsletter with custom html message (for sending ads).
Link Exchange Directory
Remote Content Management
Banners/Ads Management
Recommend profile (with affiliate link)
Invite friends (unlimited)
Invite only registrations (Private club mode)
Extra Plugins (not included in package unless specified as INCLUDED)
Advanced SEO
Blogs (search engine friendly)
Friends Network
Multimedia Directory (upload, manage and rate stories, audio,video, webcam, collections) and paid resource access system.
Calendar with birthdays and events.
AteoMessenger P2P Webcam Messenger. ( best performance using p2p )
Ateomedia Webcam Chat Host Application. ( 100% portability using java )
CamDate VideoChat (100% web based, requires flash communication server)
Free fresh developed upgrades period. 1 Month * 1 Month *
1 Free upgrade after 6 months (on request).
Free upgrades with every new plugin purchased.
Price - License Purchase US$69 US$99 US$139 US$149 US$199 US$299 US$799 US$499 US$99
Montly Rent - License Rental US$19 US$50 US$99 US$59 US$20
Latest Version 3.6 4.9.1 5.2.2 3.9.1 3.9.1 5.5.1 6.7 7.1 7.1 7.1
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Live Websites Browse Live Online Dating Websites
Order Online Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Plans Plans Plans
Extra Services
Domains Low Price Domains
Hosting Host Dating Website
Installation Install Dating Software

Not Supported/Not Available.
Supported, but not included in the default package.
* Upgrades refer only to minor software updates and fixes, not major package upgrades, new plugins or derived products. No more than 1 upgrade per month can be requested. Minor upgrades are not available for older products - only latest versions are beeing improved.

Note: View the products page to see our lastest, most advanced dating software products that are continously improved. Previous packages are out of the development cycle, presented here for comparition and some available as budget solutions.

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